The Super Jawncast Episode 13 – Emilio

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Hello Jawnstronauts! Episode 13 is here to entertain and inform. Tom brings us some sadness with the misfortune of the Ugandan Little League Team before Martin starts ranting and raving about Paul “Weird Science” Anderson and his views on what makes a good video game movie adaptation. Also on the docket is a study that says spoilers make stories better (spoiler: it’s bullshit). Bill also enlightens on why if you didn’t run to see Final Destination 5. It must be said that this episode takes some turns that could be considered bizarre even for this podcast and the guys spoil the following movies:
The Prestige
Sixth Sense
Bladerunner (kinda)
Final Destination 5

Bill recommends Okamoto’s
Martin suggests you give Janelle MonĂ¡e’s The Archandroid
Tom wants you to dust off your N64 and play Jet Force Gemini

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