Cinemosity 5 – Do the BIM

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Cinemosity is back once again with more wacky gossip and a gleeful look at the movie The Apple. Also joining them is Ashlee to talk about her upcoming free event in Philadelphia: Philly Loves Women in Horror which you should totally go to. Next week’s movie is Dylan Dog: Dead of Night starring Brandon Routh, Taye Diggs and Peter Stormaire. Enjoy!

SNL writes shitty monologue for Jennifer Lawrence, makes her look like a dick
Tiger Woods wants his wife back. Bless.
JJ Abrams making a Lance Armstrong biopic. WHO THE HELL CARES?
Lance Armstrong lied. #WHOCARES
American Idol ratings down
Taylor Swift sucks
Jeremy Renner is NOT a deadbeat dad
Most worthless reality show ever coming to TV.
Kourtney Kardashian bends epic shade at her sister’s ex
JGL gets huge deal for his movie after Sundance screening
Nobody who is in Movie 43 wants to talk about it

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