Cinemosity 7 – WHAT KIND OF MONEY?!

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Oh hi listeners! You want to hear our new podcast huh? We haves plenty of the gossips and the news for you, then listen us speak about THE ROOM. Can you really trust anyone? Well of course you can be trusting of The Room DVD bringing you much fun-ness. Lets listen, huh?

Keysha Cole didn’t get her promotion! They promised and she saved them bundles! I don’t think she will ever get it!
Working for Lady Gaga is worse than living with Lisa. Don’t even ask, I did not hit her.
Lindsey Lohan asked Lady Gaga for a loan because she had an out of state check she couldn’t cash, or something.
That jerk Cissy Houston is trying to get a share of Bobbi Kristina’s loss
No The Room jokes for this bit of Willow Smith news
People are strange these days, just ask Brandi Granville
Ricki Lake cancelled *throws TV out of window*
Johnny Depp betrayed by Amber Herd! Everybody betray him, he’s fed up with this world.
Megan Fox credits baby for helping her with her OCD. I got nothing.

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