It Came From the Indies – Tex Montana Will Survive!

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Here’s a raw, and kinda rough bonus episode of It Came From the Indies as Martin talks to Christian Stella, co-director of TEX MONTANA WILL SURVIVE, cinematographer of THE BATTERY. He and his cohorts at O.hanna Films are on the final stretch of a Kickstarter Campaign that will allow them to release their latest film TEX MONTANA WILL SURVIVE for free and allow to them continue their filmmaking endeavors. Christian shares stories about the work that has gone into the film and the huge undertaking this Kickstarter campaign has become. Martin shares some personal experiences involving the O.hanna Film members that he hopes will inspire folks to give these great people some money. Then totally unplanned, Christian opens up about health issues what he has had to overcome to make movies. This podcast was recorded and produced hastily as there is just a week less on the Tex Montana campaign, the desire being to show those who might be on the fence about supporting this product why these gentlemen are worthy of your support. Please consider giving.

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