Retro Superplex 29 – Loadsa Stuff!

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A PACKED episode of Retro Superplex that took super long to get ready because of how long it is, not due to any other sort of lateness or anything. SO anyway, this show includes such topics as Nintendo‘s complete idiocy in regards to the NX and their customer base in general, and Bethesda‘s bizarre decisions made with DOOM. Then there is a TON of comic movie talk as Martin and Justin take us through what they loved about Captain America: Civil War and also the odd decision by Fox to let reviews release for X-Men Apocalypse considering how mediocre they say it is. We’ll be back with some rasslin tomorrow!

Justin: Tecmo World Wrestling
Martin: Crytek’s Ryse for Xbox One and PC

Music comes courtesy of Barry Leitch!

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