Cinemosity 177 – The Dead Zone

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Cinemosity is back y’all! Topics include former Fox News hosts FAILING MISERABLY, rappers trying to scam folk who think he’s going to prove the Earth is flat, and Joss Whedon gets dragged again! Oops! So there’s also going to be a Coming to America 2? What could possibly happen in this movie apart from Sharon turning it off in the middle of Martin watching it? Also an all black Charlies Angels would be great please! Also do yourself a favor and skip Jeepers Creepers 3, it’s garbage.

The movie is the minor classic from masters of horror Stephen King and David Cronenberg: The Dead Zone. With wall-to-wall awesome performances, that trademark Cronenberg unsettling tone and a highly relatable moral quandary at its core it’s a really good movie. It’s on Hulu and if you watched IT and want more then this should be on your list so go watch it. After you listen to the podcast.


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