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BRIGHT was touted as Netflix’s “first blockbuster” as it boasted a $90 million budget and was headlined by superstar Will Smith ably backed by fine actors like Joel Edgerton and Noomi Rapace. Bright has proved to be very divisive, some applauding the concepts it presents and it explosive action while others criticized the awful script and terrible acting. It also didn’t help that accusations of sexual misconduct shrouded the movie in gloom. Indeed along with the usual array of gossip and entertainment news the Cinemosity crew breaks down Bright and its shortcomings and talks extensively about the accusations made against Max Landis, acts forced into the shadows by his influential father the director John Landis. Less a blockbuster and more an expensive hack job, Bright isn’t going to win any awards and you can find out why on the first Cinemosity of 2018! Happy new year!

Next time the movie is the surreal German shocker Der Samurai which you can watch on Shudder!

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