Cinemosity 135 – Dracula 2000

  The gang returns with special guest Ricky! We send best wishes to Toni Braxton as she deals with lupus and speak on the sad passing of Gloria Naylor. We talk White People Fucking Up corner where Tim Burton uses the dreaded term “political correctness” when confronted with his incredibly white casting. He compares his Read More

Cinemosity 133 – Whispering Corridors

  It’s Cinemosity! Beginning with the sad passing of the voice of Zorak, Clay Martin Croker, and multi-award winning playwright Edward Albee. Then it’s onto the gossip as love is once again over, Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. Of course this caused an Internet explosion of schadenfreude and conspiracy theories which Read More

Retro Superplex 59 – Winging It While Playing Video Games

Hello fans of super-professional podcasts! Plans fell through for Martin and Justin so they fall back on bringing up things while playing videogames. Subjects include GODDAMNIT NINTENDO JUST ANNOUNCE THE NX ALREADY, how ugly Ken is in Street Fighter V, Capcom’s upcoming slate of games, and lots of other things I can’t remember because I’m Read More