Cinemosity 181 – Undisputed

When it comes to podcasts that combine gossip with bad movie reviews we are the UNDISPUTED champeens! News galore as we can look forward a black princess, shake our heads at more Tyrese idiocy and Mariah gets PAID. Then there’s some fun movie news like possible blaxpoitation remakes coming? Also Bryan Singer, we hardly knew Read More

Retro Superplex 114 – AAA Videogame Fuckshit

Retro Superplex is BACK and they’re PISSED. An staunchly anti AAA videogame publisher episode was coming and this past week was the straw the broke the camel’s back when Electronic Arts killed their extremely talented development team Visceral Games. Creators of the awesome horror video game trilogy Dead Space and the totally insane hack and slash Read More

Jeepers Creepers 3 – Victor Salva Go Away

Content warning: there is brief discussion about the crimes Victor Salva perpetrated on 12 year old Nathan Forrest Winters for which Salva was prosecuted and jailed. Also for full journalistic ethical transparency – I was given a free pass by Fathom Events to see this film. I did not give this movie a dime, I Read More

Cinemosity 176 – Ink

Cinemosity is back baby! Kevin Hart cries on Instagram because he’s a dirty cheater, luckily we have Rihanna to give us happiness with her Fenti Beauty line! There’s also talk of shady goings-on with the usually totally awesome Drafthouse who decided to bring back a serial abuser and harasser back less then a year after he Read More

Can Insidious 4 Break the Curse?

The trailer for Insidious: The Last Key just dropped today giving us our first look at the fourth film in the horror series.   The Insidious series has been a surprising delight for horror fans. The first film was the prototype for what James Wan would go on to do with The Conjuring and features Read More