Cinemosity 163 – Uninvited

Cinemosity is back and you’re uninvited! Just kidding! They gang talks about the sad passing of Chris Cornell and the effect his music, death and legacy has had. Then it’s lots of movie news such as the box office success of Wonder Woman, Dan Arkroyd pointing fingers about the failure of the Ghostbusters reboot, and Read More

Cinemosity 160 – Universal Soldier

Cinemosity talks about the shocking passing of Charlie Murphy at the young age of 57, his battle with Leukemia was kept quiet. There’s news of other sad passes and then we have BABIES! Plenty of shadenfreude including the continuing dumbassery of Tyrese, Carmello Anthony being a cheating asshole and more! Then there’s movie news such Read More

Cinemosity 159 – Torque

A HUGE show this week as lots of stuff happened. Gossip, people saying stupid things, more movie news than you can shake a stick at and THEN the movie! TORQUE is a movie made to cash in on the success of The Fast and the Furious by replacing racing cars with racing motorcycles. Rather tongue in cheek Read More

Cinemosity 158 – Phantasm

Phantasm is a beloved cult classic from fan favorite director Don Coscarelli. Re-released last year with a fantastic HD remaster put together by Bad Robot that preceded the long-awaited fifth film in the series: Phantasm RaVager. The original film holds up well despite its origins of its small budget and origin in the late 70’s. Most famous Read More

Cinemosity 155 – Freejack

No shade, but Tyra Banks replacing Nick Cannon on America’s Got Talent? Did Nicki Minaj need to even bother responding to Remy and who “won” this beef? Then some actually kinda interesting movie news follows, then something apparently only Martin cares about even though it’s about Bladerunner 2049! Then the movie is 1992’s FREEJACK as Musicians Read More

Cinemosity 154 – Glitter

Another packed show! Cinemosity begins with speaking on the sad passing of Movie Grandpa Robert Osborne. Then shade is thrown as talk turns to the continuing saga between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma, Emma Watson gets hypocritical and Arnie quits The Celebrity Apprentice and talks shit about the current President. Movie news includes projects nobody Read More

Cinemosity 151 – Black Mama, White Mama

Cinemosity returns with a movie to celebrate Black History Month; BLACK MAMA, WHITE MAMA starring that unique jewel of exploitation cinema, the great Pam Grier! Co-stars include genre favorite Sid Haig, a veteran of 70’s exploitation whose cult status has kept his career rolling along quite nicely to this day. Celebrity talk includes the sad Read More

Cinemosity 150! D.C. Cab

Cinemosity celebrates ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY EPISODES! WHOO HOO! Justin the 8-Bit Animal of Retro Superplex and joins the crew to celebrate this milestone! Opening with comment on the passing on more of our favorites including Miguel Ferrer and the utterly iconic Mary Tyler Moore and John Hurt, talk turns to Beyonce and her second pregnancy. Read More