Cinemosity 181 – Undisputed

When it comes to podcasts that combine gossip with bad movie reviews we are the UNDISPUTED champeens! News galore as we can look forward a black princess, shake our heads at more Tyrese idiocy and Mariah gets PAID. Then there’s some fun movie news like possible blaxpoitation remakes coming? Also Bryan Singer, we hardly knew Read More

Cinemosity 176 – Ink

Cinemosity is back baby! Kevin Hart cries on Instagram because he’s a dirty cheater, luckily we have Rihanna to give us happiness with her Fenti Beauty line! There’s also talk of shady goings-on with the usually totally awesome Drafthouse who decided to bring back a serial abuser and harasser back less then a year after he Read More

Cinemosity 171 – Zoolander 2

Zoolander 2 was the sequel nobody asked for, seemingly including those who made it. A movie making a joke about our heroes being out of touch and old is itself so absurdly out of touch that it’s just mind boggling. Terrified of losing its audience the film bombards the viewer with a stream of jokes Read More

Cinemosity 169 – Knightriders

On this episode the Cinemosity crew talks about the sad suicide of Chester Bennington, the lead singer for Linkin Park. If you or someone that you know needs for help but does not know where to turn you can visit,, or Here is another good resource. Other topics included Usher’s disgusting Read More

Cinemosity 168 – Sleepaway Camp

Spoilers begin 1:36:39! Sleepaway Camp is one of the more unique entries into the slasher genre in the early 1980’s. A fairly standard whodunit has one of the craziest endings in 80’s horror and some very surreal dreamlike sequences that are reminiscent Italian giallo. DON’T SPOIL THE GODDAMN ENDING or Martin will find you and… give Read More

Cinemosity 167 – The Final Terror

People done fucked up this week as we see the fallout from Rob Kar-Ka-(sorry I just can’t type that name) and his disgusting behavior in sharing nude pictures of his ex Blac Chyna. Shia Labeouf drunkenly threatens cops while somehow remaining alive and then there’s the silliness of the Nickelback vs Slipknot feud. Then there’s Read More