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Oh, oh Sheila
Oh, oh Sheila!
Women in Horror Month! We’re kicking things off by talking to writer Ashlee Blackwell whose website Graveyard Shift Sisters has earned her praise for talking about the experience of being a black female horror fan and for looking into the history of black women and horror. Women in Horror Month is primarily about creators but their endeavors help bring a voice to horror fans like Ashlee so getting her perspective seemed like a great way to start. Martin talks Ashlee’s head off about diversity in both horror and it’s fanbase, the experiences of being an “other” in a white male dominated space, and how we should all just open our minds a little bit and see how diversity can enrich genre film to everybody’s benefit. Check out Ashlee’s article “This is What a Black Female Horror Fan Looks Like” and the rest of the excellent Graveyard Shift Sisters

Thanks for listening, next week Martin talks to Tristan Risk of American Mary, The ABCs of Death 2, The Editor and many more!

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